IBBA Teams TEBA Registration ends 2/2!

Jan 16, 2020 2:14 PM
Brian Harris

Registration for the TEBA league ends 2/2.

TEBA Registration is now OPEN!

To register please contact Chris Espinoza


7U – 14U

Season starts week of March 23.


For age groups that have enough teams, they will be split into 3 divisions:

Division 1 - Majors and top-level AAA
Division 2 - Newer AAA and Upper AA
Division 3 - Lower AA and Newer teams coming out of Rec

For age groups with fewer teams, there will be 2 divisions:

Division 1 - Majors and AAA
Division 2 – AA


Games can be played during the week (Monday – Thursday) and on weekends (Saturday and/or Sunday).

Teams can pick a maximum of 3 blackout dates (Saturday and Sunday).  During TEBA registration.

Home games will be at Trinity View Park (River Bottoms).

Away games will be at opponent’s home field.


            $1000 per team.


                        2 boxes of baseballs

                        8 – 14 games

         Access to River Bottoms for practice (maximum 2x per week) when schedule allows.  NOTE:  Cannot start practice at the River Bottoms until the city releases the fields to IBBA.  Usually, 2 weeks before the IBBA season.

Team Insurance

            Registration will start soon.



Rainout Reschedule Process

1) Teams notify home association TEBA Rep and update Sportability to show game(s) as "Rainout".
​2) The teams will contact each other to determine several possible dates for a make-up. The home team will contact their TEBA rep with the possible dates.
3) The home team TEBA Rep will coordinate with their association's scheduler to determine/confirm a new date and time.
4) The TEBA Rep will notify the TEBA Age Group Scheduler to have Sportability updated.

Ejection Procedure

Any ejection during a TEBA league game, the head coach must report the ejection to the local TEBA association representative within 24-hours. Accordingly, the local TEBA representative must report the ejection to TEBA grievance committee within 48-hours. All ejections will be reviewed by the TEBA Board at the next available meeting.

Grievance Procedure

If you have a complaint about a TEBA member, director, umpire, coach, parent, or TEBA process, please email Enter your Name, email address, and then add the following information to the text box:

1) Date of incident
2) Location of incident
3) Type of feedback:  Player Ejection, Coach Ejection, Fan Ejection, Verbal Abuse, Umpire issue, or Other (please explain)
4) Your phone number
5) Your role: Player, Parent, Coach, Umpire, or Other (please explain).
6) Incident Details:

TEBA League Rules

1) Local Ground Rules Apply first
​2) USSSA Rules are foundational, with some exceptions:
    - 5 Runs per inning for 14U and below (updated Fall 2013)   
    - No Slashing 12U and under
    - For 12U and below, teams must Bat Entire Roster
    - No penalty (outs) applied if a player(s) is removed from game due to injury or illness
    - Free Substitution when batting entire roster
    - USSSA Base distances
    - Run Rules - 15 after 4 or 10 after 5
    - USSSA Bat Rules 1.15bpf apply
    - Coach Pitch at bats: (updated Spring 2014)

Batter shall receive 6 pitches or three strikes. A foul ball (not caught) on the sixth pitch shall not be counted as a swing. The batter will continue to bat on a sixth pitch foul ball until such time that ball is put into play or the batter swings and misses. The batter will be declared to be out on a foul tip that is caught by the catcher for “strike three.”

​3) Run Rules (clarified for Spring 2018)
    - 15 after 4 innings
    - 10 after 5 innings
    - Coaches discretion on mathematical elimination

​4) Teams must carry copies of rosters & proof of insurance
​5) Scores to be posted in Sportability by winning head coach
​6) Time Limits: 
    8U – 1:15 Time Limit
    9U – 1:30 Time Limit
    10U – 1:30 Time Limit
    11U – 1:40 Time Limit
    12U – 1:40 Time Limit
    13U – 1:45 Time Limit
    14U – 1:45 Time Limit
    15U+ – 1:45 Time Limit

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